Small Round Lights


  • H3 55W Bulb
  • Easily and quickly mounted
  • Multi-surface reflector
  • Hi-Performance - no stray light loss
  • Lens Glass: Clear
  • Includes wiring kit w/relay, in-line fuse and illuminated switch
ATTENTION: It is recommended that user check with state and local laws before using this product. WARNING: Avoid contact with lamps while in operation as they are extremely hot.

Westin Driving Lights are available in four sizes to provide the look and style for your individual needs.
driving lights_small-round.jpg
Finish :Black
Material :ABS Housing
Mounting :
Warranty :12 Months
Features :
  • H3 55 watt bulb
  • 12V & 24V system compatible
Description :Small Round 4 in x 2.75 in (3 in depth)
Part # :09-0105
Mount Kit :null
Install Sheets :