Sales & Marketing Support

Sales & Marketing Support

Westin Automotive is known for its agressive marketing strategy and industry leadership. A reputation for quality products and services backed by a strong presence in the marketplace and in industry media.

Our marketing department consists of top-notch program designers, managers, catalog support and a helpful staff to assist you in making these programs successful. We offer a variety of products and services to support your marketing needs such as graphics, product literature, a variety of retail displays, and online support programs.

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New Product Literature:

For project vehicle sponsorships, trade shows, charities or gift certificates, please submit an email detailing your needs or contact the Marketing Department at: 626-960-6762

  • Incentive programs
    Whether it be a cash rebate* or a free* product incentive Westin runs it with class. Fully supported by in-store printed materials and online graphics for a successful sale season. Are you on our mailing list to receive promotions materials? Become an Authorized Dealer!
  • Authorized Dealer Registration
    Westin is updating it’s data and needs your help. Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-345-8476 to update the data we have on file for you. Not sure if you are on our list? We’ll gladly help look up your information.
  • Westin Rewards Program
    Are you getting Westin Rewards points for your Westin product purchases? There are benefits to being a Signature Dealer.
  • Sign-Up as a Westin Rewards Signature Dealer
  • Find a Retailer

Authorized Dealer
Authorized Dealership status is a privledged distinction established to represent Westin re-sellers qualified to be as such. The distinction is made by Westin and/or it’s representatives to include jobber/retailer establishments, dealerships, and e-commerce business sites practicing within the guidelines of distribution as outlined in the Authorized Dealer agreement.

For information on sales and distribution of Westin products, please click here and select the Sales & Distribution option from the category drop down menu.

Online Support – Retailer Referral Service
In today’s market, the internet is the first place people turn to find what they’re looking for. Regardless of whether a consumer knows the name Westin, if they know they want step bars, chances are they will find Westin on the internet. That’s why we refer them directly to you through our site. Become an Authorized Dealer and Sign-Up for this service today!

Website Referral Service – Are you an Authorized Online Westin Dealer? If you sell new Westin products online and have a great website, have us check-it-out! Westin will list your website and guide traffic straight to your site. Find out what you need to do and boost your business.